Every Tuesday
June 7 to September 27, 2016
3:30 pm to 7:00 pm

“Celebrating our 25th year of continuous operations in 2016”

2016 is here and this year you will be able to find us in the northeast parking lot at Deerfoot City (formerly known as Deerfoot Mall) where we will continue on in the same tradition we have for the past 24 years offering Calgarians the same wonderful variety of locally grown, baked or produced goods.

The The Grassroots Deerfoot Farmers’ Market (formerly known as Grassroots Northland Farmers’ Market) was created in 1992 by three women in the community to raise money for environmental issues. They successfully ran the market each week for 15 years! Since then, the Grassroots Skaters’ Foundation took over, building on the strong base.

The market is at Deerfoot City in north Calgary and has earned valuable support from the mall and associated retailers as a “locator” and customer draw.


  • contains 45 full-time vendors ranging in size from small to large
  • offers a wide variety of choice in fresh fruit and veggies, meats, plants, soups, baked goods, honey, wine, pizza, breads and crafts
  • serves 175 to 400 visitors per hour
  • supports up to 66 individual vendors

Our “rain or shine” outdoor market runs 17 weeks, every Tuesday, from early June to the end of September. As an Alberta Approved Farmers’ Market, we adhere to rigorous standards of practice and quality.